Hair Loss Concealers get the job done!

The latest range of hair loss thickeners and hair loss concealers do an incredibly job of covering up thinning hair.

The newest products can be applied in seconds and give can an instant head of hair.

 Infinity Hair Loss Concealer

The Infinity fibers stay in place in place from shampoo to hair shampoo. The colours are locked within the fibers meaning that the fibers will not run, stain or even leave marks

 Infinity Locks Fibers, for females & Men, provides the Appearance of Thicker, Fuller Locks in 30 seconds or less.

 Infinity will not grow more hair - it only conceals any thinning and balding areas. It really is effective, easy and cheap.

 Just how do Infinity Hair Fibers work? The micro locks fibers use static electricity and be electrostatically billed as they’re shaken or applied with the Infinity Locks Fiber Pump Applicator onto the thinning areas.

 This strong charge ensures your Infinity Locks Fibers bond to hair all day long through wind, light rain and exercise. We recommend additionally you use Infinity Fiber Locking Aerosol to make sure they are waterproof.

 Infinity Fibers are available in 10 colors and different sizes. Whenever choosing the colour for you - we always recommend complementing your main colours.

Caboki Concealer

Caboki is a wonderful breakthrough product for instantly eliminating the appearance of bald spots and thinning hair.

It provides you a completely perfect and natural look. No one will realise that you are using Caboki    

It lasts all day and night and is resistant to wind, rain and even sweat.

It does not smear or stain your skin or any clothing

Caboki works well for both men and women.

Caboki is not a "spray paint" or "shoe polish" category of hair concealer product.

How Does Caboki Work

Caboki works completely different from other hair loss concealers.

Toppik Concealer

Toppik Locks Building Fibres, are comprised of coloured keratin protein, which blend undetectably with existing locks strands to instantly create the looks of naturally thick, full locks.

Toppik is completely suitable to use with hair loss or  thinning drugs such as Rogaine or Propecia. It really is a great product for both men and women.

What it Can Do
Toppik Locks thickening fibres can instantaneously supply the look and feel of thicker, fuller hair.

· instantly fills in balding patches
· Hides hair thinning

Nanogen Hair Thickener

Nanogen Fibres make hair look thicker and fuller in seconds.

The Keratin Fibres actually merge with your personal hair to produce real volume, allowing styling that you would never again have thought possible.

Nanogen keratin fibres merge completely with your personal locks using an electrostatic charge to provide instant, natural and durable locks with a thickness which is maintained all day.

You can easily rinse Nanogen out with hair shampoo.